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One of the biggest challenges in wedding planning is to choose an ideal destination matching your style and budget. We wish our wedding function to be unique and actually dream of having a destination wedding. Then we feel the cost may not allow us to have our way. We forget that everything else would be more affordable as soon as we move out of big metropolitan cities. Although there is a plethora of options but most preferred ones on the list of many are – Goa, Jaipur and Udaipur. Why? Check it out here:-

  1. Goa -It is an authentic place to celebrate an auspicious occassion like wedding be it traditional or catholic. The best part about Goa is its awesome beaches, breath taking, sunset, picturesque beauty, lovely resorts, churches and what not. Goa has become a hotspot destination for fun-filled weddings away from the rush of the cities. The main attraction for having a wedding in Goa is the beach theme. It makes wedding ceremonies grand, elegant, memorable and romantic. Enjoying a rain dance and informal beach cocktails add a lot of fun factor is to the occasion. Wedding in Goa can be planned not only on beach but also in some resort, boutique, hotels, home stays and so on.
  2. Udaipur –As we know, it is the city of lakes so it is an enthralling destination for big fat weddings. It has some mesmerizing places, castles and lakes which are an epitome of luxury and elegance. Imagine the wedding ceremonies in this middle of the lake where guests reach the venue on boats. Having a wedding in Udaipur is like indulging yourself into sheer grace and getting the royal feel. Udaipur, known as the ‘Kashmir in Rajasthan’ is the glory of the state. The clear blue sky, fairy – tale  places, stunning temples and garden make Udaipur the most fascinating destination.
  3. Jaipur: It is the largest city of Rajasthan, with a rich cultural heritage and an ideal tourist destination even for international tourists. It is also known as the pink city and offers tremendous activities, and experiences if you want to host your wedding here. You can get a chance to have a royal traditional wedding here in the style of Rajas and Maharajas. It has some exciting options in terms of photographers, wedding vendors, planners and decorators and traditional entertainers. Some of the popular places in Jaipur to host grand weddings are Raj villas palace, Samode Haveli, Rambagh palace and Jai Mahal palace. The beauty and culture of this place will make your wedding an unforgettable experience.

We are familiar with all the details in the wedding industry and can meticulously manage your resources. From flowers to linens, we work with some of the best professionals to make your dream wedding come to life. Arranging for the destination wedding is a big challenge but we take every care to make the wedding ceremonies flawless. Our Hospitality team is expert in making all your guests feel special, taking care of their boarding, lodging and logistics. We can provide some of the best venue facilities to you like heaters, coolers, A/Cs, fans, generators, lighting, fire extinguisher and fumigation as back-up in case of emergency.

Just take a chill-pill and shoulder your burden with us, so that you can enjoy the wedding festivities without much ado.

We ensure that you do only one thing in your wedding – Enjoy! Leave the rest to us. We are Riveting – we make your dream events LIVE!

Wednesday, 12 December 2018 / Published in Riveting Weddings & Events

Tap your feet – Shake your legs – Move your arms – Swing your head. It is not a nursery rhyme, but you don’t want your marriage ceremony to look like same old stuff that happens everywhere else? Right

Wedding is once in a life time event so it should be a memorable affair. Ensure that your guests truly enjoy the wedding with some fun-loving and most entertaining services that we offer. After all entertainment is the life line of a wedding:-

  1. Artist Management – We have a good network of many leading artists who can make your event a grand affair – be it singers, dancers, stand up comedians, acrobats, or any other talent.
  1. DJ – Any wedding is incomplete without a DJ. So opt for a professional DJ who can provide some lighting, Dhol player, live performers and perfect entertainment to make your wedding events extravagant.
  1. Barat Bands – celebrate your special occasion with traditional dhol and band. Now a days you can get band matching your wedding theme. Barat is the most fun filled tradition in the wedding ceremony and everyone rejoices to the music and tunes of band. Get the best barat band which offers chariots (to make it look grand), decorative palki for bride and above all can play enjoyable dancing numbers.
  1. Mehendiwala and Churi wala – Mehndi and churi are the main essence of wedding at a bride’s place. Mehendiwala should be an expert and be able to make elaborate and traditional designs to add grace to a bride. We can also provide you with churi wala so that you can get best bangles to match your attire.
  1. Bartenders – Hire bartenders who can make your event lively by serving flawless variety of drinks and shake up your wedding cocktails and mocktails. To make it even grand we recommend you hire jugglers at the bar, bar table girls, shot girls and the list goes on…
  1. Wedding Havan and Pandit – In Hindu weddings, Pandit plays a very important role by performing havan, pujas and all. Since, wedding is a holy ceremony it includes various rituals which cannot be ignored. So we are here to end your search of finding the best pandit who can conduct your rituals well in traditional way.
  1. Dance Troup – We would like to make your wedding classy and elegant. We can provide you a Dance Troup which can make your wedding an unforgettable experience. Even hiring a professional choreographer who can make your family members dance to the tunes of music is a wonderful choice. This will give a chance to everyone to participate in the wedding and have fun.
  1. Bride and Groom entry theme:- There are a multitude of ideas for the entry of bride and groom. For instance entry with colourful sparkles. For traditional feel bride and groom can be accompanied with dhols and nagadas, ushers, dancers, red carpet follow light setup, fireworks, hydraulic lift and charriots to name a few.
  1. Jai Mala Theme:- Jai mala means a strong bond of love so it can be presented in a special way like on hydraulic stage with flower machines showering petals, space ship theme, temple theme, musical Jai mala theme and a long list of other themes.
  1. Saafewala:- We can arrange a specialized saafewala for your wedding because pagri or turban is very important in wedding. It not only adds grace to a person but is also a symbol of prestige.

Let the above mentioned services & more such services make your event happening. We are here to add grace to all your events with our list of more entertainment services like anchoring the event, managing celebrities, providing the fireworks and confetti for the entry of bride and groom, arranging the most enjoyable sound and light system to make you groove, hassle-free legal licensing service and panwala, the major attraction to top up your dinner.

We can make your wedding function the most mesmerizing affair for everyone present. Take assistance of our professional services to make the event unforgettable. We are Riveting – we make your Dream events Live!

Wednesday, 12 December 2018 / Published in Riveting Weddings & Events

We are special & we want our wedding to be even more special. We want everyone to remember our wedding function as unique, out of the world, never seen before kind of an event. We want to get everything right. We want anyone walking into the wedding venue, to carry the most awesome thoughts with him. So what does our guest first notices when he just walks in – WEDDING DECORATION.

Yes we are going to talk about wedding decoration here that would leave our guest mesmerized with the beauty of our wedding theme. Indian wedding decorations in particular are elaborate and given the month of the wedding have to fit in the overall ambience.

Often people equate a very good looking marriage decoration or wedding theme decoration with something which has come very expensive. Now here is the good news. It is not so.

Planning done smartly on budget can help you achieve your desire of having an elegant décor at reasonable cost. Make the best possible use of available resources. We can make your wedding memorable by presenting the most exotic design and layout of your wedding venue as well as theme mood board. We provide you with the complete layouting with attention to the minutest of details with our inhouse 3D designers. Let’s indulge into some of the smart décor hacks which can make your wedding look tremendous.

Themes for Decoration

Whenever in a fix, go for pastel shades theme. It looks trendy and classy. Also, pastel fabric is easy to pull off and very soothing to eyes. A lot also depends upon the ambience of the venue and season. Bright shades of velvet can add warmth in winter weddings. Delicate prints or floral patterns in fabric look beautiful in spring

What better way of decorating any wedding other than flowers. There is a wide variety to choose from like rose, carnations, marigold, mogra etc. These are inexpensive and also make the atmosphere fresh and aromatic. Just as pure you would want it to be. Other than for decoration flowers are used for pooja, car decor, floral and gota jewellery, Jai Mala, milni haar & mandap decorations. Floral designs both with Indian or Imported flowers make the backdrop look opulent.

Even a combination of flowers with same paper, yes paper, décor looks exotic. It adds color and character to the venue and is also pocket friendly. Household items like mason jars, glass bottles, old books with bulb hung in them, kites and umbrellas etc if used wisely and in graceful manner can work wonders. You just need superb ideas to transform any dull party with simple things into a fancy attraction. For example, kites can be used as table-mats, bottles as lampshades for cocktails and so on. Play with fairy lights as these are pocket-friendly and can cast a magic-spell when used efficiently. You can use them in backdrop, inside hanging bottle or even on entrance. 

Decor involves many other thematic elements like chandeliers, candles, carpets, sofa lounges, thematic furniture, dining arrangements etc. Our team ensures that every element is seamlessly bound together into your dream mood board so that the outcome is picture perfect and beyond expectations

Venue for wedding is important

Select a wedding venue which is already marvellous and you don’t need much to spend on beautifying it further. Look out for some international trends to have impressive décor and design ideas for your wedding. If you want your wedding venue in open then we can customize it as per your requirement by providing waterproofing and A/C tenting.

Although an elaborate mandap looks awesome but even simple one can look delightful. It can be decorated with strings of flowers and give a gorgeous look to the entire place.

You can also opt for something different from usual designing. Create a rustic, vintage garden theme by arranging potted plants in a graceful way.

There are many wondrous and inspirational decoration ideas to make your wedding venue more vibrant and lively. The only catch is to know and understand the décor and designing hacks. Imagine that whenever we get an invite to a party, we feel that it is going to be a visual treat. When these are expensive and exuberant wedding decorations it just looks fantabulous but even with simple and classy décor the whole atmosphere and surroundings can feel comfortable and exhilarating.


 The list is endless

Although tying a knot is an expensive affair but with little effort it can be turned into a worthy wedding moment. So forget about your wedding woes when we are the planners of your ​wedding. With so many options around & so many things to do – you just enjoy your big moment. Leave the rest to us. We will weave a masterpiece which has a character as unique as yours. We are Riveting. We make your dream events Live!

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